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Training Analysis and Needs Assessment

Training can be defined as the development of a person’s abilities and skills, coupled with his overall behaviors that result in the required performance of his job role. With limited time and resources, organizations are often challenged to…
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Competency Consultancy Solutions

To be competent, an individual must be able to consistently and repeatedly carry out their work to the standard required by the employer. Why competency? In hazardous operations, risk is an inherent part of all process or activity that has to be managed….
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Compliance Consultancy Solutions

“Compliance is conformance to a rule, specification, policy, standard, or law.” With an increasing number of regulations and a responsibility for operational transparency, many organizations struggle not only with compliance, but also with ensuring that they are not…
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Workplace Assessors

An assessment is the result of a successful training and coaching event to help an individual know and understand what they are being asked to do in their job. Assessment is often associated with being “tested” in some way. In most training situations, there is a…
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Instructor-Led Training

Valid assessments performed by qualified assessors are often the difference between a TRAINED workforce and a COMPETENT workforce. Qualified Shea CCS Facilitators and Instructors have operational backgrounds that allow them to relate to your workforce and help them deliver the…
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Writing & Training

“Reducing risk, improving performance, and protecting lives since 1997 – Shea Writing & Training Solutions.” Shea CCS is a part of Shea Writing & Training Solutions (Shea WTS). Since 1997, Shea Writing & Training Solutions has been helping companies,…
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