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“Shea CCS was founded to bring value to our client’s operations frontline, helping them reduce risks, improve overall performance and protect their greatest assets – people.”


Shea CCS’s primary corporate goal is to help reduce risk, improve performance, and protect lives.

Our consultancy services within the areas of competency, training, workplace assessment, verification, and assessment recording and tracking all have that goal in mind. Shea CCS’s domain expertise, industry-specific knowledge, and practical experience help our clients develop programs that comply with the rules, regulations, and guidelines required by federal and state governments for their unique industries. Our knowledge of the industries is what sets us apart.

Industry-specific solutions are based on global best practices.

Oil & Gas

One of Shea CCS’s areas of expertise is the Oil & Gas industry, from offshore and onshore upstream drilling and production operations to midstream and pipelines to downstream refining and chemicals, the oil and gas industry is a focus area for Shea CCS. Shea CCS can assist your organization with training and competency…
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In the maritime industry, companies offering marine transportation are required by international law to demonstrate their capability in the roles they are assigned through a variety of assessment methods. By contrast, US vessels of less than 200 tons are not required to follow the Integrated Management System (IMS)…
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Manufacturing and Processing Industries

Safety, operational risk, and competency management are a concern in the heavy manufacturing and processing industries in which workers may potentially be exposed to potential hazards and injuries from equipment and materials. From compliance with regulatory requirements to analysis of the root cause…
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Renewable Energy

Our experience and broad expertise across industries help our customers comply with rules, regulations, and guidelines in the renewable energy sector. With worker capability and safety a key focus area for operations involving elevated work (e.g., wind turbines), it is critical…
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As public scrutiny regarding crude and fuel oils in rail based transportation increases, the importance of worker competency becomes increasingly important. Shea CCS can help customers in the transportation industry understand the impact of federal and state government…
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