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What does verify really mean?


A common definition: make sure or demonstrate that (something) is true, accurate, or justified.

Synonyms: substantiate, confirm, prove, corroborate, back up, bear out, justify, support, uphold, attest to, testify to, validate, authenticate, endorse, certify

The term verify is often misused in an operational environment. Typically, the term is used to mean: assure that individuals have met the competency requirements for their role. In the realm of competency assurance, that use is misleading.

In a formal competency management system, individuals are assessed continually. Verification is not part of assuring an individual is competent; rather, verification is a key part of quality assurance in a competency management system.

In a competency management system, the verification process ensures that assessments and assessment standards are consistent. Trained and qualified assessors are the main object of verification—to ensure they are maintaining the company’s competency management standards throughout their assessments of individuals. These assessors are recording all assessments with a consistent interpretation of the competency standards, not their personal opinions.

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