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Competency Consultancy Solutions

To be competent, an individual must be able to consistently and repeatedly carry out their work to the standard required by the employer.

Why competency? In hazardous operations, risk is an inherent part of all process or activity, and it has to be managed. Few would disagree that a competent workforce is essential for risk to be minimized, but a competent operational leadership, responsible for making critical decisions and directing the work of others is also fundamental. Assuring competency isn’t just for a portion of the organization – it is a critical aspect of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

Shea CCS can help you evaluate overall operational capability to prioritize areas or disciplines for improvement before there are undesired effects on safety performance, productivity, operational runtime or reputation. Our program assessments help you understand the complex interactions between technologies, individual job roles and organizational factors and determine the approach that best fits your organization.

Shea CCS will work closely with your experts to analyze each operational job role and review all aspects of the requirements of that role from safety culture, human factors, controlling and managing work, to ensuring the process integrity and safety of the facility. Shea CCS Consultants will guide you through the myriad of standards and regulations to define those that apply to each job role, will rank competencies in terms of risk exposure, and will then focus efforts on those areas that deliver the highest return.

With as many as 50% of the aging American workplace being replaced by 2020, the question is: how prepared are you for this transition? A competency management system can provide the infrastructure needed to manage this transition and those to come.