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Training Analysis and Needs Assessment

Training can be defined as “the development of a person’s abilities and skills, coupled with their overall behaviors that result in the required performance of their job role”.

With limited time and resources, organizations are often challenged to determine what training is most critically needed and will have the greatest impact. Shea CCS can conduct Training Needs Analysis or Training Program Assessments to help define critical knowledge, skills and abilities for specific job roles or areas. We can also work with your organization to identify key competencies required to safely and reliably perform those roles including:

  • Decision Making – for low and high risk task or activities
  • Cognitive Abilities – thinking, reasoning, and remembering
  • Situational Awareness – understanding normal and abnormal events
  • Communication Skills – active listening, understood response and confirming
  • Behaviors – mindset and understanding the “how” and “why”

Once these key competencies of knowledge and skills are defined, Shea CCS can evaluate training programs and progressions currently in place, and recommend how they can be enhanced, revised, or augmented with additional training to meet the needs identified in the analysis. We also look at specific industry standards, regulations, and recorded critical incidents along with company-specific standards, policies, and incidents to determine what additional training would be necessary to address specific operational hazards, risks, and requirements.

Selecting the Right Training

There is so much more to training than simply selecting a training provider, a specific training course or attending a class. Shea CCS can help ensure that your training programs encompass various aspects and methods to support entire the adult learning spectrum, including: cognitive and psycho-motor skills, procedural skills and experiential learning (job performance), communication skills, big picture, attitudinal or behavioral learning and physiological stress management. A Training Needs Analysis is a key factor in building a formal link between the available operational technical data, selected training methods or media, and designated training objectives to help optimize the transfer of the learning into the operational arena. Shea CCS works with your company to apply cost effective methods for training and assessment so that your investment will yield dividends in improved safety and reliability.