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Workplace Assessors

An assessment is the result of a successful training and coaching event to help an individual know and understand what they are being asked to do in their job.

Assessment is often associated with being tested in some way. In most training situations, there is a written or oral test at the end of the course, which is used to rank how much of the information presented was retained by the individual. This type of assessment is only one aspect of determining an individual’s job readiness.

While many examinations adequately assess knowledge, they cannot be used to determine if individuals have the ability to apply training knowledge practice back on the job. To accomplish this, a true performance assessment is needed.

Shea CCS provides the Assessor in the Workplace training course to train a company’s internally selected individuals to carry out workplace assessments within a company’s competency management system. Through the training they will understand the CMS framework and how an operations worker’s knowledge and skills performance are measured against an approved competency standard for their job profile. They will be taught industry recognized methods that provide evidence that the individual can meet the required standard. Trained or qualified assessors can also identify any gaps in a worker’s knowledge and skills and provide the basis for an action plan to close the gaps and reassess the individual to ensure the standard is fully met.

Our assessment process consists of five stages: