Shea Capability & Compliance

Shea Capability & Compliance Solutions (Shea CCS) was created to pay it forward for our next generation workforce. With the current retiring boomer workforce exiting the workplace, our next generation has very few individuals left to show them how to do this new job they just stepped into, in a safe and reliable way.

Shea CCS consultants collaborate with client leadership teams and technical experts to define competencies and assessment standards and design systems that support individual capability and skills progression from initial hiring through retirement. We can also work within your team to deliver the training and coaching needed to successfully implement and maintain these systems and processes.

Competency-based Training

Having learned from the experts on human behavior and adult learning at MIT, we understand the science behind how to transfer knowledge and skills to your next generation workforce in a classroom setting, one on one. Our training courses are designed and based on recognized industry standards and proven practices. We have developed competency assessment guides based on these standards that we can take back into the workplace to actually assess an individual’s performance.

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Safety Culture Solutions

Companies are on the verge of losing their current workplace culture due to the “boomer” generation being completely retired by 2035. In some cases that might actually be a good thing when it comes to the safety of workers. Our point is, a culture is the customs of a group of people, so whether you’re very safe or you just tick the box, regardless that is changing as you bring in the next generation of workers to fill you skills gaps. Our solutions can help you improve and transfer a DNA culture of safety for your workforce.

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Career Journey Solutions

One reason noted by our next generation workforce for not staying very long with a given company is that, “no one in the company is telling/showing us how to progress our careers.” What if we told you there was a simple way to gain traction with your new hires by showing them how their careers with your company would progress the day they walk into their new role with you? We have solutions…

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