How to Join Shea CCS

Shea CCS is continuously seeking personnel with experience in competence and capability based on specific market demand for our services.

Why work at Shea CCS?

Shea CCS represents a vital and dynamic company composed of knowledgeable and skilled people with a strong passion for their work.

Our goal is to provide life, health, safety, and environment management for our clients and become the leading provider of services within the field of competency management. We also aim to provide our clients with a challenging workplace where individuals can apply current skills, develop new capabilities, and achieve greater rewards.

Our work is based on solid industry knowledge and expertise in competency management, workplace assessment, document management, and human and organizational factors. We assist our clients in understanding the total risk spectrum and its influence on organizational performance. By doing this, we enable customers to plan and conduct safe, secure, and efficient operations and change management processes. We see our roles as both advisors and resources helping clients progress from responding to what went wrong to preventing incidents in their present and future operations.

Advantages and benefits at Shea CCS

Shea CCS makes a difference by helping protect individuals, the environment, and our clients’ and the investments against major hazards by developing their operations workforce capability.

Shea CCS offers a flexible work environment, the chance to work with talented and diverse colleagues, and exciting and meaningful work.

The opportunities for professional development, growth, and advancement are numerous for those who deliver outstanding customer service and project performance.

Shea CCS offers a competitive compensation and benefits package.

Who are we are seeking?

Shea CCS is seeking highly-skilled people with verified and applicable degrees, certifications, and qualifications, and who have interest and experience in the fields and markets we serve. Analytical skills and advanced technical understanding, and excellent oral and written communication skills are essential to the work we do. Above all, personal and professional integrity and flexibility are paramount.

Send us your Resume

If you have the qualifications we seek and believe that Shea CCS might be the place for you, please send your resume directly to