Using Gamification to Engage Next Generation Workers

Gamification is a method of using game principles and systems to enhance learning. People learn and retain information better when the method of information transmission is engaging and interactive. If a company applied gamification techniques to help their employees develop their “skillset” while showing them a clear line of sight on different career paths they could potentially take within a company, this would go a long way toward helping to retain the next generation workforce.

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Process Safety and Our Next Generation Workforce

The skills gap between the current, aging workforce and our next generation of workers is well documented. In his keynote presentation at the Vistage UK 25 Years Conference and Awards Celebration on February 7th 2014, “Ready or Not, Here They Come!” (used with permission), Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky notes the following:

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What Makes Our Next Generation Tick?

What it will take for companies to attract and retain their next-gen workforce? What makes our next generation tick? Their hearts and minds seem to be focused on something other than building a single capability and establishing a career with a single company. This can be exasperating for some Boomer and Gen X leaders who […]

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