“Shea CCS was founded to bring value to our client’s operations frontline by, helping them reduce risks, improve overall performance and protect their greatest assets – people. The way we do that is working with you team to create a Heartset, Mindset, & Skillset that embodies what good looks like in your industry.” 

Shea CCS provides services to all industries where safety and technical skills are required. Shea CCS’s domain expertise, industry-specific knowledge, and practical experience help our clients to develop programs that comply with the rules, regulations, and guidelines required by federal and state governments. Our knowledge of the industries is what sets us apart. We’re working to help all operational type industries close the skills gaps and help assure the safety and technical skills needed by the workforce can be met with the increase of technology and complex operating systems.

Our team is made up of those who have spent years working in operating environments and who know firsthand what works and what doesn’t. They will connect with your frontline and feel like an extension of your work team. Let us tell you more about our background and success with our clients.


How are you ensuring the competency and safety of the contractors on your project? We provide safety and competency specialist who can audit your contractors to assure they’re meeting your organizations requirements. Our services can help assure your employees are focused on the safety and skills they need to carry out their jobs as expected

Oil & Gas

The Energy sector is a high risk, high consequence industry. The competency and safety of frontline leaders and workers is critical to operations. We have staff with areas of expertise in the Oil & Gas industry including offshore and onshore, upstream drilling and production operations, midstream pipelines and transportation, and downstream refining and chemicals.

Let us help you prepare for pending workforce and regulatory changes with programs that assure the competency and compliance of your workforce for years to come.


In the maritime industry, companies offering marine transportation are required by international law to demonstrate their capability in the roles they are assigned through a variety of assessment methods.

We have marine specialist who can provide assessment and/or coaching to your marine personnel.

Manufacturing and Processing Industries

Safety, operational risk and competency management are major concerns for heavy manufacturing and processing, where workers are exposed to potential hazards and injuries from equipment and materials.  From compliance with regulatory requirements, to analysis of the root cause and incident investigation related to human factors, our team can help develop processes and systems specific to your needs.

Renewable Energy

Our experience and broad expertise across industries allow us to help our customers comply with the rules, regulations and guides in the renewable energy sector. It is critical to clearly define the job requirements and assure that training and assessment programs effectively measure individual competency. We work together with our customers to help them understand the complexity between training, individual development and capability, and your organizational factors.


Whether you’re transporting consumer goods or hazardous liquids, via trucks, airplane, railways, ships, or pipelines, worker competency is essential to maintaining safe operations which comply with federal regulations. Shea CCS will help you to understand the impact of federal and state government regulatory requirements regarding the competence of workers to help you make the next 50 years safely and reliably.


Aviation is a high-risk industry where every operation is critical.  Yet despite the strict regulations which maintain the competency of each pilot there is very little outside oversight for the workers who maintain the aircrafts. Our operations specialists work with the personnel who maintain the operations of these aircrafts to ensure they are following procedures, policies and practices. From those that work to maintain the mechanical integrity of the aircraft, to those loading and unloading the baggage/cargo, each sector plays a critical role in the safety of this industry and their competency is critical to day to day operations.