Competency Consultancy Solutions

Data from the US Labor & Statistics Bureau: “84 million baby boomers retired by 2035, being replaced by 68 million Gen Xs, who current occupy 51% of top management positions across the US. This is putting pressure on the 79 million Gen Ys (Millennials) to fill the gaps, who due to just shear time, have the least amount of workplace experiences and skills needed to drive increased productivity.”

Your “Training Program” no longer works the way it used to. Why?
The reason ‘training’ has worked in the pass was due mainly to having a workplace FULL of highly competent individuals who helped develop the skillset of your new hires. Today, our workplaces have fewer and fewer of those individuals. So when you new hires are impacting your companys productivity, just know it’s not their fault – they are giving it their all. With the lack of skilled workers in the workplace to lead and help develop them, you have to provide them something in addition to their training.

So why competency? In operations where safety and technical skillset is needed, risk is an inherent part of all processes and activities in the workplace which has to be controlled. Shea CCS can help you evaluate overall operational capability to prioritize areas or disciplines for improvement before there are undesired effects on safety performance, productivity, operational runtime or reputation.

We work closely with your operational specialist to analyze each job role and review all aspects of the requirements of that role. Our consultants will guide you through the myriad of standards and regulations to define those that apply to each job role, rank competencies in terms of risk exposure that focus efforts on areas which could have the most negative impact in the workplace.

Our Shea CCS team have all worked in operational type roles and are able to connect right away with your workforce to provide solutions to help them achieve their potential skillset.