Safety Culture Consultancy Solutions

“Great human endeavors require great leaders.” Jim Wetherbee – 5 time NASA shuttle commander


Operating environments have inherent risk. In order to establish and maintain a culture of safety in any organization, the leaders are responsible for ensuring key elements are in place and supported.  They set expectations by providing structure and specifying practices, in addition to managing the performance of the workforce. They hold each other accountable and verify performance in the workplace. Our team will provide you the guiding principles needed for your organization to build and maintain a “Generative” Safety Culture.

Our safety culture consultants have all held key leadership roles from frontline operations to operations managers and they know and understand what your workforce deals with each day. They are able to gain the “buy-in” needed to change ‘Heartset & Mindset’ of your operational leaders and workers to create a DNA culture of safety for your next generation operations workforce.