Workplace Assessors/Evaluators

An assessment is the result of a successful training and coaching event to help determine if an individual knows and understands what they are being asked to do in their job.

While many examinations adequately assess knowledge, they cannot be used to determine if individuals have the ability to apply that knowledge on the job. To accomplish this, a true performance assessment is needed.

Shea CCS can provide discipline specific qualified/certified workplace assessors who will follow your job standards to determine the knowledge and performance of your workforce. These assessments identify the areas where workers are meeting the requirements of their job responsibilities as well as any skills gaps. Once skills gaps are identified, training can be provided to close the knowledge and/or performance gaps and then re-assess the individuals to document that the gaps were closed.

If an organization would like to train their own internal assessors, we can provide our Assessor in the Workplace training course to train internally selected individuals to carry out workplace assessments. Through the training they will understand the CMS framework and how an operations worker’s knowledge and skills performance are measured against an approved competency standard for their job role.