What Our Clients Say

Jim Wetherbee, Captain – US Navy (Ret.) / Former Astronaut – NASA and VP of Safety & Leadership at BP had the following to say about Shea CCS services:

“I have benefited from knowing and working with Daryl Brister for several years. I have especially admired his knowledge, skills, and mental attitude regarding leadership in hazardous environments.

Daryl expertly led a team that created the definitive leadership competency assessment tool and supporting documents in a large oil and gas company. The tool and documents were the best I had seen in that company and represented best-in-class thinking and practices regarding leadership in hazardous occupations.  

Daryl’s products help leaders realize the power of using effective leadership behaviors to influence and inspire people to conduct safe, compliant and high-quality operations. I have worked in hazardous operations for almost forty years and I have rarely met someone with Daryl’s knowledge, skills, and attitude for helping managers who are trying to be successful as they lead people in dangerous endeavors.”

Elizabeth Holcomb-Fairchild, Discipline Capability Manager for BP GoM Operations had the following to say about Shea CCS services:

“I have had the pleasure to work with Shea Capability and Compliance Solutions in developing and implementing our qualified assessor training course.  Mr. Brister and his team are truly the best at what they do. Their knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail are exactly what we needed and what we will need in the future.

As our workforce changes, I know we can trust in them to deliver a training that (1) helps our assessors understand the importance of competence in our workforce and (2) empowers them to perform objective assessments over and over again.   I would recommend Shea Capability and Compliance Solutions to handle any company’s competence assurance and assessment needs.”

Randy Robichaux, REM, CSP VP of Environmental & Safety Regulations at Denbury Resources had the following to say about Shea CCS services:

“Daryl was instrumental in the success of our Safe Work Operations program implementation. Daryl was very open and collaborative in getting out our message and content consistently across the organization.

The reviews from our employees consistently noted Daryl’s professionalism and clear delivery of the program content. I recommend Daryl for any Operations or Safety training program design and delivery.”

Competence Assurance Process Manager for Direct Energy, had the following to say about Shea CCS services:

“It was an absolute pleasure working alongside Daryl Brister and Shea CCS. With their years of experience designing and developing competency systems and competence standards, they were able to provide not only tremendous professional guidance on our budding competence assurance process but also allowed for a remarkable amount of work to be completed in a very limited amount of time. They brought expertise, focus, and enthusiasm to the project, which ultimately led to significant added value for our organization.”

Operations Readiness Manager at Hess Corporation, had the following to say about Shea CCS services:

“Shea CCS and in particular Daryl as Project Manager has helped us achieve a world class Training, Competency and Assurance program. Shea CCS provided independent verification of competency for all our offshore technical personnel. This program was aligned with our training matrix and developed relevant position performance standards, implemented (candidates assessed as Competent or Not Yet Competent with gap closure plans) in less than a year.

The result being we have all our offshore technical roles verified prior to “Sail Away”. This is a major achievement for our organization!”

Global HSE Director for TD Williams Pipeline Services, had the following to say about Shea CCS services:

I would like to take a moment to thank you and the Shea Capability & Compliance Solutions team for your partnership over the past three years. This partnership has been instrumental on our journey to becoming a High Reliability Organization (HRO).

The training you created and delivered improved our organizations technical skills and HSE culture. The Safety Culture Leadership course helped us focus on our operational leaders and core support staff – developing their knowledge and understanding about core safety competencies which are needed to drive positive culture change. In addition, The Safe Work Management course focused on our frontline workforce and developed their knowledge and understanding of proper hazard identification and how to use our Operational Risk Assessment (ORA) process.

In addition, the review and analysis of our HSE data was key in helping us focus our teams on improving the key defenses. The analysis demonstrated that our investigation corrective actions needed to be focused more on engineering controls.

Best of all, your team felt like an extension of our internal HSE team. Thank you for your partnership and I look forward to working with you in the future.